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One of the reasons why being a celebrant means so much to me is because I'm free to offer wedding celebration ceremonies exclusively tailored for my clients. 

While others offering ceremonies are working under considerable constraints and restrictions, I am free to work with you to create your ceremony exactly as you want it.

Your ceremony will be a reflection of you and of your story . It is, after all, your special day and we can work together to make your dream become a reality.

Wedding Celebration

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding & Couples Ceremonies


"The way I work puts each couple and their story at the heart of the ceremony that I write. I feel very strongly that any ceremony should be about the individual couple and in its own way it should tell their story. As such it is difficult to talk about "style". There is a blank canvas and we will find the right way to fill it. Traditional, modern; spiritual, non-spiritual - these are the clients' decisions that provide some of the structure for the ceremony that will be uniquely theirs."


"Again, the venue is entirely up to the clients. It is usually the case that they have found a venue, or at least have somewhere in mind before they make contact with me. One of the great things about having a celebrant-led ceremony is that, within reason, there are no limits to potential venues. Some people have their heart set on one of the many beautiful local licenced venues in the area (and we are lucky enough to have so many hotels, castles, stately homes, barns and gardens in our vicinity). But then there are so many other hidden gems around, and celebrants are free to conduct ceremonies anywhere at all - even venues that don't hold a licence for weddings.  You might opt for an outdoor ceremony . Woodland ceremonies or those in meadows or by lakes can be particularly special. Of course, the thing that makes a wedding so special is that the location has real meaning to you, and that could mean anywhere. The options are almost limitless."


"No, You may have seen the news about the Law Commission Report on Weddings that was published in July 2022. While the suggestions raised were extremely encouraging, there has been no actual change to the law (yet). It is still the case that legal marriage formalities in England and Wales can only be performed by registrars and ministers of religion. This means that a couple would still have to conduct a short meeting at their local registrar services prior to their ceremony in order to make it legal."

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